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Success Equals Getting the Right Stuff Done!

But how do you know what the right stuff is? Well generally if it makes you feel uncomfortable and you know it's something that needs to be completed, but you're putting it off, then it's the shit you need to be focusing on. 

Far too often do we let resistance creep into our lives and dictate where we're going to spend our time. Procrastination is the bane of all of us super awesome entrepreneurs. 

It's time to enter the productivity zone, Join me and... 

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Charging what you're worth is one of the hardest aspects to wrap your mind around when you're first starting your business. You'll hear me talk about how we come into our businesses as technicians, usually leaving a job to start our new adventure. So naturally we start out charging what we would have got paid at our jobs, or maybe slightly more.

The problem lies in the fact that you'll never keep a business running if you're only charging what you'd make at a JOB. You need to charge .... 

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What?!?! You're not emailing your cusotmers??? Ok well you're not alone.

But you should know that, Email Marketing is one of the top business building activities you can do in your business online. Reaching out to current customers, past customers and to others who have shown interest in your business only makes sense if you want more money dropping into the business bank account. 

And I understand that you don't know where to start... so I've created a short primer for you, that'll at least get you caught up on why you need to be growing your email list. 

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Do you remember how much businesses used to spend on advertising?

Radio...billboards...television commercials...mailouts...the yellow pages...

But that was then. Times have changed and if you want to grow your business, stay relevant and reach your audience you need to get social.

Yeah, I know. Some of you out there figure that you already have an established business and that you are alright.

Well, remember the company Kodak? They thought they were alright too.

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You have an amazing idea for a business - one you’re sure could make you rich. It’s been sloshing around your mind for the last few days, weeks, months…maybe even years. And you’ve decided that today is the day you’re going to start that business.

Now where do you start?