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Why you don't show up on google, even though you've launched a kick ass website.

Posted by: Jason Orban

So you’ve just launched your website and it’s awesome.

Now you're wondering why am I not showing up on google. 

You’ve put your heart and soul into making everything you and your customers could want from a website and business like yours.

But there’s a problem.

When you type a phrase related to your industry into google, your website doesn’t come up.

You want to be at the top.

For example if you are a Widget Maker and your website is about the widgets you make and how your customers could benefit from your widgets and you have all your keywords and meta tags and descriptions about widgets in your website…

But when you search Best Widgets in Your CIty, you don’t come up.

THe only thing you come up for is if you type where of course is the domain name of your website.

There’s a reason for that, that I am going to cover in a minute.

But first you should know what getting to the front page and being one of the top listings for your industry takes time. If you want to do it organically, without paying for placement, it can take weeks or even months to show up at the top.

This is why all of our search engine campaigns are a minimum of 6 months. It can be done faster, but if you want to come up for terms that aren’t your domain name, you need to beat out the competition.

Now the funny thing is that the minute you launch your website or start promoting your business online, you’ll notice that you’ll start getting calls from telemarketers, who claim that if you use their service they can get you to the top of google fast.

One that comes to mind is 411 or yellow pages, they want you to buy into their listings and they tell you that because they have such good SEO on their site that just by paying for a listing on their service that you’ll get found faster.

I can’t comment directly on their results, but I do know that it’s getting harder and harder for these types of services to get page rank. They’re essentially a telephone directory with a small description for each business. Compare that with google delivering a customer directly to the source (your website). Which is more valuable to their customer (the person doing the search).

Also google+ for business is becoming a standard way for having your company name and phone number listed for easy access, especially on mobile devices where people are more often than not, just looking for a phone number.

The Reason Why.

Think of your favourite search engine as a store.

And that store want’s to deliver the best produce that it can. In the terms of search engines, their product  is the information on our websites.

Now when you just launch your website, that store doesn’t even know you exist. Fair enough right? We just got into the market place.

So we need to tell it that we exist. More on this in a second.

The next thing we find is that the search engine or store already has a bunch of your competitors on it’s shelves. These are your competitors websites who have been around for a long time.

Now search engines move websites up to higher shelves depending on three things.

  1. The length of time that you’ve been around

  2. The quality of your information

  3. How relevant you are to the people shopping for your products and services.

But this doesn’t happen instantly.

We need to prove ourselves to the search engine. We need to show them that we are a move valuable product or resource than our competition.

So here’s what you need to do to get started But again remember that coming up in organic listings at the top of google isn’t instant, it can take weeks or months depending on a variety of factors. This is simply what you need to do to get started:


  1. Register your website with Webmaster Tools. Google, Yahoo, Bing all have their own versions of this type of system and this is the first step in getting your website indexed (searched by the search engine) faster.

    Now I’m not going to go into a full tutorial on how to get your website registered in webmaster tools, but if you do a search, or even sign up with each of those systems they have a great walk through, which will get you set up.

    If you’re a part of the Launch Lab, this is probably something we’ve already done for you and your website, to get the process rolling.

  2. Set up Your SEO Basics: Now as we mentioned above, I assume you already have our on page SEO set up on our site. If you need a great SEO tool for wordpress, check out Yoast SEO, it walks you through step by step on what you need for SEO on each of your wordpress pages.

    If you don’t have your page titles descriptions and everything set up, do that now.

  3. Start creating content. Search engines like google, want to see that you’re invested in your website. They want to see that you’re updating your site regularly, that you’re adding new valuable content and that you care about delivering value.

    Think about this. If you were reselling a product or service and you had two companies to pick from. One manufactures that product or service and constantly has new revisions, they keep everything up to date, and it’s obvious that they’re passionate about the product or service that they deliver.

    Now company two, has the same product or service, but they don’t do revisions, they don’t do updates and you can’t really tell if they even care that they have the product at all, in fact you’re unsure if the company is still around.

    Which company would you prefer to work with, company one, who is clearly active, or company two, who may close down tomorrow.

    For me, I would chose to work with the company who was active and who clearly cared about their products and services.

    This is the same for search engines, if they can see that you’re active, that you’re investing in your site and that you care about what content you deliver to your customers, they’re going to boost you up.

    So remember this is why you need to create content, like blogs, videos and podcasts. You want to show search engines, and your customers that you care.

  4. The only instant result you’ll get is through Paid Advertising.
    If optimizing your website to grow organically is going to take too long for you, then you need to pay for traffic.

    The nice thing about this is that you can literally be on the front page, at the top of the listings today. You just need to pay.

    Now this is a good option. And we usually recommend using google’s paid advertising to boost you up for keywords and phrases that you’re not showing up for organically.

    For example, if you want to show up for “Best Widget Maker in Your City” and you just launched your website, then you’ll need to pay.

    Now we can help you setup your campaign if you like, or you can head over to and get started for yourself.

    ( If you are a part of the Launch Lab, there are tutorials and walkthroughs in the membership section on how you can get your paid advertising up and running. )


If you just launched your wordpress website and you’re not showing up in google, today’s artcle will give you some insight into why, and how you can go about fixing that.

The free version isn’t fast and the fast versions isn’t necessarily cheap (but this is how sites like google, yahoo and bing make their money). So plan your search engine strategy around knowing your customers, creating content and filling in the gaps of your search engine results with paid search engine advertising.

Whatever you can do to send traffic to your website, get customers calling and leads through the door.

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