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Master Your Alter Ego - Become Your Superhero Self

Posted by: Jason Orban

Who do you need to become in order to achieve your goals?

It’s somewhat of a coincidence that right now I’m reading a book about how we as humans resist doing what we know we need to do in order to be successful. It’s kind of crazy how we manifest little things in our minds that lead us to in-action.

Even though we know that Action is what makes us successful. It’s 99% of the equation.

Ideas and thoughts are wonderful but without action, they might as well be tossed on the pile of garbage going out to the bin.

Remember the guy who thought of round towels? Yeah everyone, haha ever hear anyone say “I thought of that idea 5 years ago” when they see a product or service that’s finally out in the world making money?

It’s because of in-action on their part that, their version of that “million dollar idea” was never brought into the world.

As business owners and marketers… hell even as every day humans, we’re plagued by in-action. There are things that we know we need to do that will create success down the road, but we still don’t do them. It’s like we want ourselves to fail. If you want a sure fire way to boost productivity, read Productivity 101

And subconsciously we do. Because failing means that we stay the same, If we don’t succeed, we don’t change, things stay the same and things stay comfortable.

However to get to success you can’t stay comfortable. At least not in the beginning.

It’s the same thing you experience when trying to motivate yourself to get up early and go exercise before the rest of the family is awake. It’s hard to get started. But once you get going, once you’ve done it 10 times, it’s easier.

We often preach on here about creating content for your customers, writing blogs, creating videos, podcasts, educating your customers but we know getting started, or setting time aside to create is hard. It’s the most difficult part of taking action.

I often say that the fear of what we need to do, is always worse than the doing itself.

The thought or fear of going to the gym is worse than actually going to the gym, the thought or fear of putting ourselves out there is worse than actually creating content. The thought or fear of speaking to a crowd is worse than when you’re actually speaking.

See we make things up in our minds. We have irrational thoughts and fears that create resistance and cause us to not take the Money Making Action that leads to success.

So what do you do to become the action taking superhero that just gets shit done?

It’s actually pretty simple.

You become someone else. Well not really. But you kind of Clark Kent your way to becoming superman.

Think of it this way. In order to be successful and achieve your dreams we need to take action. Our bodies and mind, natuarlly resist action so that we don’t change. So we need to become or think of ourselves as someone else, someone who natually just takes action.

Make sense?

I’ve created a guide and a small 10 question workbook to help you discover your successful self.

Download it here: 


It’s amazing what you can achieve once you hand your power over to your new self. Once you give yourself the image of being the successful you, your life changes. You suddenly have confidence in areas that scared you before. All because you now are the type or person who does those things.

For myself… I imagine myself standing in a superman pose. My hands on my waist chest in the air, protector of some, helper of all. The successful me is a content creator and educators. I help small business owners achieve their dreams. I am a master business owner and marketer. I understand what needs to be done in my business and I take action. I am good at networking and speaking in-front of crowds. I am also a family man. I exercise and I take care of myself. I I take care of my family and spend time with them as often as I can. I have fun with them. I’m never too tired to read to them or go outside and play with them. I am successful.

This is my successful me. This is who I am becoming. And you can too.

Get rid of the resistance. Become the person who you see as the successful you. Take action and rock out the things you know you need to do in order to creat / have success in your life. Whatever that means to you, there is great power in re-imagining who you are.