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How to be more productive so you can get the right stuff done

Posted by: Jason Orban

Part of being a great business person is being a productive business person.

Can I get a Hell yeah!?!?

Haha it really doesn’t sound that exciting, but here’s the thing, success comes from getting shit done.

And Success is exciting. So we want to make ourselves more productive, and we want to make ourselves more efficient at running our businesses. Right?

Think of it this way, Success equals Getting the Right Stuff Done!

But sometimes, it’s hard to tell what is the right stuff, and what is just filler? In a program by Wyatt Woodsmall, he says, that for entrepreneurs 80% of our success comes from 20% of what we do, and sometimes when we’re really efficient and we’ve mastered our productivity, it’s more like 95% of our success comes from 5% of what we do.

So how do we become more efficient? Stephen Pressfield in the book The War of Art says we have 2 rules.

  1. You must know the difference between the Important and the Urgent stuff.

  2. You must do the Important stuff first.

Ok so if you’re like me, you’re like, how the hell do I tell what’s important and whats urgent?

Well lucky for you, I’ve got that covered as well.

Here’s a tool you can use to discover and stay on track with what’s important and what’s urgernt. I’ve used this tool a lot and it’s great for keeping on track.

It’s called the Eisenhower Matrix.

It was developed by president Eisenhower, who was the 34th president of the United States, he was also the supreme commander in world war II, supreme commander of Nato, President of Columbia University and an accomplished painter and golfer. 

I’m sure he did a bunch of other things too.

He was known for being able to keep productivity rolling for not just days or weeks, but for decades. And it’s because of this matrix that he was able to stay on task, making the world a better place.

Click Here to download the Eisenhohwer Matrix Workbook. 


So here’s how the Eisenhower Matrix works.

We have four quadrants.

  1. Upper Left: Important / Urgent quadrant, is where put things that have become fires we need to put out. These are day to day tasks that have reached a point where something needs to be done now, because if they’re not, it could be disaster.

    This quadrant could be sales, this could be contacting customers, this could be answering emails, doing business stuff like accounting, writing quotes, meetings and stuff like that.

    These are small things that need to be done in our business, but that don’t always move our business forward.

    You don’t want to spend all your time here.

  2. Upper Right: Important / Not Urgent quadrant, this is where we need to schedule things. This is where we want to live most of our lives. These are things that are important to you, but that aren’t fires that need to be put out. For example, exercise is a important / not urgent task, but if you leave your health to deteriorate long enough, it jumps over into the important / urgent category because you need to do something about it so you don’t die… Get my point?

    The important / not urgent quadrant is we put things like, working on our websites, developing marketing strategies, exercise, spending time with family, creating content for our marketing.

    Things you know that need to get done in order to move your business forward but that you need to schedule in, that you need to force yourself to do. These are the tasks that are generally important to you but not others.

    This quadrant should also be used for scheduling Recharge TIme. This is time where you do the things you love. Golfing, painting, writing, fishing, spending time with the family, getting away on a vacation, spending the weekend at the cabin. Recharge time is just as important as production time, if you don’t have Recharge time, your productivity will plummet and eventually you’ll burn out.

  3. Lower Left: Not Important / Urgent quadrant, this are things that clients want.  You want to spend as little time here as possible. Although it’s things that need to get done. These are things like answering some emails, answering some of those phone calls. Request and demands by our customers. These are things that are urgent tasks that are important to someone else.

    Generally this is the biggest area where you can get help. This is where you can delegate tasks and hire assistants, employees or VA’s (Virtual Assistants) to take over those jobs and get that stuff done. Your time is better spent in the top two quadrants than here in the third.

  4. Lower Right: Not important / Not Urgent quadrant. Don’t go here! This quadrant represents stuff like laying on your couch watching Tv, playing video games, doing unproductive things that suck your energy and waste your time.

    These are things you do where you spend your time. Not things that you do where you invest your time. If you want to read about investing your time, Here’s a great blog on our sister site Think Big Studios.

By using the Eisenhower Matrix and focusing on what’s Important to you, your company and your family you will get more of the success building things done in your life.

By delegating and offloading the Not Important / Urgent stuff in quadrant three, you’ll free yourself up to focus on the top two quadrants boosting your productivity and become more efficient at building your business.

By eliminating the things that you do in quadrant four, you’ll already have boosted your productivity, and you’ll see growth in many areas, just from that.

So remember, figure out what’s important to you. Focus on what’s important. Build a bigger better more productive and profitable life for you and your family.

Click Here to download the Eisenhohwer Matrix Workbook.