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4 Steps to Taking Massive G-O-T Action in Your Life

Posted by: Jason Orban

Ok wow what a great season finale for Game of Thrones.

There were so many story lines coming together and so many exciting plots.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil anything for anyone, but watching everything unfold made me think of a business / life lesson.

But first…

Any thoughts on what it might be? What would you do if you were in “The Game”, for the throne?

What do you think would be the number one thing that would get you closer to that throne?

What if we thought of the Throne as you business or life goals, your dreams that you want to achieve?

The number one thing that would get you toward that throne would be…

To Take Action!

It’s that simple.

Have a look at everything going on in the show, have a look at the main characters, Cersei, Danerys, Jon Snow…. None of them sitting around wallowing in the hand they’ve been dealt.

None playing the victim.

Now I know it’s only a show but the key thing that they all have in common, is that they all take action and move toward their goals.

Even if they’re killing everyone around them to get there. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes.  

No matter what the circumstances are they all are quick to take action. It’s why they are in power.

Even when the odds are stacked against them, they have a plan and they get things done.

So my question for you is what do you need to be doing that you’re not. Where do you need to take action.

A favourite quote of mine is from Wyatt Woodsmall, and he says: “It’s what you’re doing, when you’re not doing, what you should be doing, that’s the problem.”

Think about that for a second. What are you doing, when you’re not doing what you really should be doing to move your business and your life toward your dreams and goals.

This is something we’ve been working very hard at. Staying motivated and staying productive.

Last week we wrote about the Eisenhower matrix and how you can use that to boost your productivity, if you haven’t read that article, check it out after you’re done here.

Today I have one really great tip that you can use to stay moving forward. We use it a lot in coaching and it’s really powerful when you put it into play.


Step 1: Get clear on your dreams.

The biggest problem we all face is that we don’t want to put in the work to get clear on our goals and dreams. The kicker though is that this is what we need to do in order to be successful.

If we’re not clear, we flailing in the wind, we don’t have direction. We don’t know who we’re serving, how we’re serving them, or even why we’re serving them.

Like Game of Thrones, what’s the end game? Where are you trying to steer this ship?

So step one is to get clear, Know where you want to go and know where you want to be in your life and business.


Step 2: Break that dream into goals that you can achieve in 90 days.

We use 90 days because it’s an easy to plan for deadline. It’s one quarter of your year and isn’t so far away that you want to put it off for too long.

So set a 90 day goal, move with the seasons if you like, just write out what you want to achieve in the next 90 days.


Step 3: Chunk It Down.

Break that 90 day goal down into bite sized chunks that are two weeks long. You want to work in 2 week chunks because it’s manageable, it’s not overwhelming and it’s easy to plan for. It also makes it easy for you to work around unforeseen events that pop up.

Now you don’t want to plan out every 2 weeks for 3 months, but start now, and create a two week strategic action plan for the next two weeks in your life.

This is a great opportunity to use the Eisenhower matrix (read about it here)  and focus on tasks that are important to you but aren’t necessarily urgent right now, these are the things that move your business forward but you must schedule in to complete.

Write out actionable things you can do over the next 2 weeks, that move you closer to having your 90 day goals completed.

This is something we do with all of our coaching clients. We create two week action strategies that our clients can then use to move toward their goals.


Step 4: Review

After completing your two week stint, review.

Review what you completed, what you finished and accomplished and where you fell a little behind. This will give you the feedback you need to make the proper adjustments and plan for the next two weeks.

It’s okay to fall behind, but it’s important to make sure you’re moving forward and taking ACTION.

So that’s it really.

Get Clear, Set a 90 day goal, Break that goal into two week chunks, then review and reset.

It’s an actionable set of steps that you can use to get massive action in your life.

Easy to implement and once you start using it, I promise you, that you’ll start seeing incredible results.

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